No Coke at Home? Get It at School

So you don't let your kids drink Coke at home or eat Ho-Hos or Twinkies, but guess what?  They're exposed to these and other commercial brands every day at school.

According to, "Most students in elementary, middle and high schools are exposed to food commercialism (including exclusive beverage contracts and the associated incentives, profits and advertising) at school."

Schools are desirable marketing areas for food and beverage companies, although many of the products marketed to students are nutritionally poor, a new study reports.

The study found that, in 2012, 2.9 percent of elementary school students attended schools with exclusive beverage contracts (EBCs), incentive programs, compared with 10.2 percent in 2007; 49.5 percent of middle school and 69.8 percent of high school students attended schools with EBCs in 2012 compared with rates of 67.4 percent and 74.5 percent, respectively, in 2007. For food vending, 24.5 percent of middle school and 51.4 percent of high school students attended schools with company-sold food vending, the results indicate.

Study findings also show that fast food was available to students at least once a week in 2012 in schools attended by 10.2 percent of elementary students, 18.3 percent of middle school students and 30.1 percent of high school students, thw Web site notes.

Food coupons were the most frequent type of commercialism for 63.7 percent of elementary schools students. For middle and high school students, EBCs were most prevalent in schools, with 49.5 percent of middle school and 69.8 percent of high school students attending schools with EBCs, according to the study. 

“Although there were significant decreases over time in many of the measures examined, the continuing high prevalence of school-based commercialism supports calls for, at minimum, clear and enforceable standards on the nutritional content of all foods and beverages marketed to youth in school settings,” the authors conclude at


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