Gun Control: Back to Business As Usual

Well, the naysayers were right.  As Newtown slowly sinks into the background, all our courageous senators and representatives are sliding down with it. Just heard today that the assault rifle ban has once again been lifted from the gun control plan that will go to the Senate today for approval.

Should we be surprised?  I guess not.  Outraged?  Yes.

Despite all the tragedy and hand-wringing over the Newtown massacre of 20 small children, and the brave agreement among sensible gun owners that something must be done, we're once again back in the embrace -- and fear -- of the NRA.

Guess we can't blame it all on the Colts and Sturm Rugers, er, I mean the NRA.

Thankfully, there are four states that have moved to more restrictive gun laws; New York, Hawaii, California and surprisingly, to me, Illinois.  And hopefully, Connecticut will join their ranks soon, though Gov. Malloy wants to allow those who own assault rifles to keep them, although the Democrats in the state legislature want to outlaw 10-round magazines and confiscate the ones currently owned by residents. 

Maryland and Colorado are also trying to change their gun laws, Fox Business News reports, while whining that gun manufacturers are thinking about having to move out of the states where they do business.

(Interestingly, the same article calls assault guns "sporting rifles.")

So on it goes.  I thought for sure this time something would happen.  But it looks like our hope was short-lived.  Even the slaughtering of 20 innocent children has barely made the NRA -- and many gun owners -- blink. Oh, and I almost forgot.  Our Congressmen and women.


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