Saddest sack city? Detroit

Saddest city in the U.S.?  A Gallup poll just named Michigan, mostly because of all the troubles plaguing Detroit.  Violent crime spreading virally, home prices at the bottom of the bucket, decreasing by 35%, according to a story at  And people just plain sick and tired of being poor, cold, and without hope for the future.

On Tuesday, Kurt Badenhausen writes, the city was in danger of being taken over by the state.

The happiest city?  You probably guessed it.  Hawaii.  Who couldn't beat depression with warm breezes, surf and sun?  (Although when I went there years ago on a vacation, I had five days out of seven of rain. Still, I managed to get sun poisoning on the one day I could go to the beach!  And on top of it all, I'd reluctantly agreed to see a former boyfriend, who was stationed there. Not my favorite vacation.)


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