MRI....Mind Reader?

Not that you don't have enough to fear when your doctor orders an MRI, but now don't go in there thinking he's a jerk for keeping you waiting.  According to a new Cornell study, MRIs can now pick up on what you're thinking.

By scanning your brain, it's alleged that doctors can figure out what you think of others.  My mother-in-law comes to mind!

David Worthington writes, "Volunteers were asked to consider how specific people might react to situations after studying those individuals’ personality traits. By analyzing the brain activation patterns, researchers were consistently able to recognize which person a volunteer was thinking about."

However, it doesn't work on those who have autism or other types of mental illness.

Spooky?  You bet.  Worthington adds that MRI technology has "already been deployed in courtrooms as a lie detector, can be used to predict how well someone will learn, and is being used to more accurately map the human brain."

So just keep that in mind next time you have to go in for an advanced X-ray and try not to think anything bad about the technicians or your doctor.  But then, they'll know that, too.


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