Mentally Ill? Keep Your Guns

I was astounded to read over the weekend that Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy -- remember Newtown? -- feels all gun owners, including the mentally ill who could harm others or themselves, should be allowed to keep all their guns, including assault rifles and those which carry magazines with more than 10 bullets.

What?!  The New York Times also reported today that even in states where women know their exes have guns and will come after them still do not confiscate the guns. I realize this is what the pro-gun lobby is so terrified about.  Relinquishing their rifles.  But do they truly want to be in the next theater that's sprayed with bullets as they watch the latest Disney release?

(A quick side note -- three of five homicides in the U.S. are people committing suicide.  Sadly, the mentally ill often figure here.)  

I believe in personal freedom.  That women should have the right to their bodies, and abortion.  That people be allowed to drink Big Gulps. That salt (there you go again, Mayor Bloomberg) should not be outlawed.  You can't legislate people's personal habits.

But here's where I veer from the gun people. People do not need weapons developed for war in their homes.  I'm sorry.  I cannot see the purpose for having an assault rifle.  Anyone.  Anywhere.  If you think it's going to keep you safe in your home from a criminal attack, you're dreaming.

Criminals have surprise on their side.  Unless you walk around with your rifle slung over your shoulder (and I'm sure some do, in certain places), you're not going to get to your gun and ammunition (especially, as a friend pointed out over the weekend, their home -- like most -- stores each in a different place, due to the young children living there) before the crook does.

Should I point out again that "a gun in the home is twelve times more likely to result in the death of a household member or visitor than an intruder," according to

But back to the governor.  Politics, of course, plays a huge role in all of this, and the National Rifle Association has cowed many into backing down.  The Sandy Hook massacre is only three months in the past, and already, sadly, so sadly, much of the brave talk about cutting back who can buy weapons and what weapons they can buy is sinking down beneath the abyss of everyday life once again.

I really thought this time would be different.  Looks like I'm about to be proved wrong again.


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