Newtown was Good for the Gun Industry

I don't know if I can feel any sicker about what happened at Sandy Hook. But an AP story in yesterday's Advocate (Stamford, CT) notes that Sturm Ruger is "having trouble keeping up with demand for guns."

Some stories also point out that guns are good for your stock portfolio.

Net sales for Ruger increased 34% to $141.8 million, from $93.2 million, according to Rob Varnon.  Want to feel even more nauseous?  Varnon reports that earnings rose 77% over 2011.

Now, before you gun owners start shouting at me, you certainly have a right to buy a gun.  I get that.  But do you really need an assault rifle to shoot a deer?  I have a friend who yesterday said it's not guns that kill people, it's lunatics. But once again I say, just where do these lunatics get the guns?

I'm heartbroken to read that the best Congress can do, after everything that has happened, is put in place background checks.  I read yesterday that the GOP, at first agreeing with this, now wants to eliminate gun show sales from this requirement,  essentially gutting the plan.

How did we, as a nation, become so incredibly pro-gun that we'd put this right against those of children to live?  I just don't get it.

One last sad point. Did you hear about the mother who tried to kill her 7-year-old daughter, then killed herself?  I guess we can be grateful she only had a knife.  The daughter survived.


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