Guns Rights Extremists Target Their Opponents

Now I really have heard it all.  According to a column by Joe Nocera in today's NYT, "Politics By Intimidation,"gun control activists are now being targeted and harassed by gun rights extremists in Oregon.

It reminds me of the early abortion wars (or should I say, current?), when people carried around photos of aborted fetuses and men lined up in front of clinics to try to prevent women from having the right to their own bodies.  I remember marching on Washington in the late '80s, a time when we pretty much thought we had it all licked.

But now it's coming back. Anti-abortion nuts. Gun rights loonies. Newtown wasn't enough for these crazies.  Are they going to shoot a gun control advocate through the head, as she's sitting down to dinner as happened years ago to a physician who performed abortions?

I realize I'm getting off the subject but this bothers me so much. . .People -- under the guise of their rights -- trying to prevent others from exercising theirs. As one father so memorably said after Newtown, what right is more precious than his son to live out his life?


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