. . .And Yet, Fat Helps

Today the NYT reports that even though crosswalks are hazardous to pedestrians' health, if you're a little chubbier, you might be better off surviving on a bike, or crossing the street in New York.

That's because, according to the story, taxis are notorious for hugging the curb, and the same space bikers need, while also ignoring people in the crosswalk who have the signal to cross.

Matt Flegenheimer reports that excessive weight "may prove a boon for pedestrians in a collision. Victims with an above-normal body mass index were found to have less severe injuries than their counterparts.

He noted a study that found, “It is not implausible that a greater proportion of torso and extremity fat may protect against injury."

Now, once they're in the hospital, these overweight people don't fare as well as those who don't tip the scales at obese. But the theory is that, at the point of impact, these people are protected by their rolls of fat.  Fancy that.



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