Newtown? Now, Think Day Care Center

So it's happened. A fatal shooting not at an elementary or preschool but at a daycare center.  Two men shot at and killed each other in Quebec there.  Fortunately, this time, none of the children were harmed.

And so it goes.  The contract has been broken.  Used to be, schools and places where children -- and babies -- gathered used to be sacrosanct, like churches an hospitals. Bad things just didn't happen there.  If people were angry, they killed each other in their homes, and later, supermarkets or theaters or places where adults came together .  Not places where innocent children learned or played.

But then there was Newtown.  And we, or at least I, realized that evil can grow and live anywhere.  Maybe I'm naive for thinking people who are out to kill keep certain situations out of the question.  It would seem, now, that's no longer a given. Fifthy-three children were at this daycare at the time of the shooting. 

It's true, the people killed were the ones shooting at each other, possibly over a domestic situation.  But take no solace in that.  Where guns were firing, children were there.

Last year, according to the Huffington Post, 20 young children in Canada were killed, in a variety of ways.  Last year 440 children were shot in Chicago.  Only -- only! -- 60 were killed, but almost 500 were shot. 

It's funny.  So many of us are blamed for overindulging our children (I'm one) and yet, here we have children in other situations picked off as casually as steers for hamburgers.  When, where, will it stop?

I'm so proud of Connecticut for voting in the most stringent gun laws in the nation.  But bad people will still get their hands on guns.  And again, maybe I was naive thinking certain individuals were
off-limits to crazed lunatics.  But sadly, that is no longer the case.


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