Bald? Heart Disease May Be Next

As if being bald isn't one of the worst things you have to worry about, now it's heart attacks, too.  A recent study has linked baldness to heart disease in men.

According to The New York Times, "Baldness may indicate an increased risk for coronary heart disease."

If you're, like my husband, balding in the back and top of the head, you're it.  If you just have a receding hairline, apparently you're safe.

The study found that baldness increased men's risk 30 to 40% over men with a full head of hair, the NYT reported.

No one quite knows why this is but "the authors suggest that known risk factors for heart disease — hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking and others — may affect both conditions, and that baldness may be a marker of atherosclerosis," the story said.

Even worse, it's also been proven that bald men are at higher risk of prostate cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

So all you men out there with full heads of hair, you go, guys. And you bald ones?  Keep an eye on your health.


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