Now Hear This, Mayor Bloomberg

So maybe, just maybe, it's not a plan, after all.  A new study has found what many of us have already figured out.  If you do away with large soda sizes, people will just buy more small sizes.

According to Lara Salahi in The Boston Globe, "People may end up drinking as much or more soda when they are offered smaller beverage sizes, according to a study by researchers at the University of California, San Diego."

She adds that the study suggests that this may totally wipe out any gains from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on mega-sized drinks.

The mayor, bless his heart, was hoping to get people to adopt more healthy habits overall to cut down on obesity and the diseases like diabetes and heart problems that it can induce.  But many people would rather give up on losing weight than lose their freedom to drink big.

And now it looks like it doesn't matter, anyway.

Along the same lines, remember when you were in elementary school and all the brownies and ice cream cones and chocolate cookies moms brought in on birthdays?  Another study has found that this is as big a risk for obesity and unhealthy kids as all the french fries, pizza and sodas in the cafeteria.  Furthermore, this stuff can't be regulated.

I'm guilty, too.  I teach Sunday school to first and second graders and as an incentive (read: bribe) to
keep them quiet and listening, I store chocolate kisses in my pocket.  I was one of those moms, too, when my son was in elementary school.

Face it, these foods taste good  (although my son, who, in middle school, weighs less than a fourth grader, turns his nose up at this).   When has it ever been easy to give up, or not do, something we like?  Unfortunately, though, like so much in life, we may end up paying for it later.


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