Too Fat? Pay More

OMG.  Now before I get on a flight, I have to be weighed?  Thank God I'm not planning on flying Samoa Air anytime soon. They're now weighing passengers to charge them based on how many pounds they carry.

If they deem you "overweight," you will pay more. Oy.  It's not bad enough having to go to Weight Watchers every week and step on a scale that someone else sees first while everyone around you wonders whether it's bad news or good. Now I have to get on a scale at the airport?  I used to be afraid of flying. Now I'm just afraid of having to get weighed.

You know other airlines will be joining the crowd, now there's a new way to make a buck.

And here's another interesting fact about weight: the fattest countries in the world are "Caribbean nations like Jamaica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago," as well as "Latin American countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru," according to

The Chicago Tribune attributes Reuters for reporting that, "according to Samoa Air's latest schedule, the airline charges up to $1.25 per pound for domestic flights and about $2.27 a pound for its only international flight to American Samoa, around 250 miles."

Weigh 200? Plan on paying $250 for a one-way domestic flight and $452 for an international flight.  Maybe this is what it takes to go on a diet?

I was shocked to read that the U.S. does not boast the world’s highest BMI, which actually goes -- go figure -- to Kuwait, "with an average BMI of 29.5," the story reports.

Not surprisingly, Asian countries are lowest, while China and France are at the higher end.

My husband has to go to Arizona in June on business.  I was planning on going, too.  Um, maybe not.



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