Foods That Kill

Did you know that healthy cantaloupe is on this list?  Or a cheese called Casu Marzu (more on that later)?  Or Silver Stripe Blaasop?

Admittedly, many of these delicacies are not found in the US, but recently outlined the 11 foods that kill, and here they are, in order.

  • Fugu blowfish.  This is the fish Japanese executives are seen eating, and then dropping dead.  According to the Web site, fugu "contains a potent poison, tetrodotoxin (emphasis on ‘toxin’), that can cause either of those two scenarios when the fish is improperly prepared." Only licensed chefs are allowed to make it.
  • Tainted cantaloupe (which killed almost 20 people in the last few years).
  • Casu Marzu, or The Zombie Cheese, so-called because it's swarming with live maggots, and making the list because it can destroy your digestive system.
  • Mushrooms with death in their names, or the panther mushroom, green gills and pink gills, man-on-horseback, and the scaly chanterelle.
  • Sannakji (or Wriggling Octopus) -- think this goes without saying.
  • Giant Bullfrog (yes, people do eat frogs, not just their legs). "One website describes the giant bullfrog as a 'minefield of toxins with the skin and organs being particularly dangerous to eat,'" according to Eating this can cause temporary kidney failure.
  • Silver Stripe Blassop. Delicious, but deadly.
  • MILK. That's raw, unpasteurized, though.
  • Ackee, or "killer fruit."  This is Jamaica's national fruit, reports, but the edible portion of the food surrounds toxic black seeds 
  • Durians, a Southeast Asian food that's allegedly deadly with alcohol. It may also kill your sex life. "According to Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations, after eating it 'your breath will smell as if you’d been French-kissing your dead grandmother,'" according to 
  • And bringing up the end, you'll never guess.  That old American favorite, the hot dog.  zagat notes that it's been redesigned because too many kids choke on its cylindrical design.
So there you have it.  Happy eating!


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