Worst Week Ever

I don't know which was worse.  The Boston Marathon.  The defeated gun bill.  The explosion in Texas.  It was a terrible week.

When I first wrote this, no suspect had been shot and killed, before killing another innocent person, the MIT guard.  But now I have this to add, and am waiting for the final installment.  I pray no one else except the killer is killed.

CNN reports that the dead "suspect" (are we even calling them that anymore?) was probably outfitted with explosives because he was badly burned when brought to the hospital, but the doctor they talked to at Beth Israel, where he was brought, was pretty closed-mouthed about his injuries and whether he arrived with spent explosives on his body.

And now the world is waiting for the second "suspect" to be caught.  For a newshound like me, the coverage is exhilarating, if it weren't so sad.

I have to admit I feel depressed, though.  I know life will go on.  But it reminds me how close we all are, these days, to the end because of the availability of so much ammunition.

Buried beneath all of this is our gun control loss.  But we can't let these newest catastrophes trump the tragedy of what happened in the Senate on Wednesday.  I don't really believe in fate, but is somebody trying to tell us something?


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