Cupcake Boom Busted

Oh no, it can't be!  Sources are now saying that profits for cupcakes, and outfits like Crumbs Bake Shop (there's one in my town) are, well, crumbling.

According to, quoting a story at The Wall Street Journal, "Crumbs was at its $13 peak in 2011, and now has fallen to only $1.27 a share."  (Who ever even heard of cupcake stores a few years ago?)

Now, I don't know about you but the sight of those massive creations with inch-high icing just never did it for me. But apparently, I'm, or was, in the minority.  Cupcake Wars, D.C. Cupcakes, even Bobby Flay, seemed everyone was baking cupcakes. 

And I have to admit, my mouth did water when I saw those red velvet beauties, crowned with cream crease that shivered when you moved them.  (Truth be told, I'm an icing girl.)

But apparently the thrill is over.  Which is just as well, because I never mastered it.  I remember trying to make "clown" cupcakes, cupcake batter poured into ice cream cones, then baked.  I'm sure a soggy cupcake bleeding through a softened cone was not what the inventor had in mind.

But now, the world is safe.  And just for old times' sake, next time you pass a window full of these treats, have one for me.


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