Gun Control? That's So Over

It's astounding, and heartbreaking, but Newtown isn't going to change anything, after all.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, public opinion polls have found that people favoring gun control has dropped by 10%.  Now, less than 50% of Americans believe our gun laws should be changed.

Even stories about Newtown have dropped below the fold in many newspapers, and no longer lead the news at night or first thing in the morning.  Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy lamented that we were losing the moment earlier this year, and looks like he was right.

"As Congress prepares to vote on a comprehensive gun control bill next month, a poll released Tuesday shows that public support is waning for restrictions on gun ownership," The Monitor's Mark Guarino reported.

But the most disturbing story of all appeared at, "Newtown Sides with NRA: Votes for Armed Guards in Schools."

In this story it was noted that it's just a request, for now, and must be voted on but the very idea makes me sick to my stomach. Is this how far we have come?

Some people can't understand my position.  I have a child in middle school.  Wouldn't I want armed guards to protect him?

And my answer is no.  Whenever there is a gun, there is always the chance of it falling into the wrong hands, or bad decisions made in the heat of the moment.  I was a teenager before I knew my father kept a gun in the house.  I don't know if I was more shocked about the gun, or my father.

So I'm a pacifist from way back.  But how do more guns solve anything?  I appreciate that many people use them respectfully and carefully.  But any time there's a gun, there's a chance for someone to use it in a deadly way.

I'm so tired of writing about this.  And you're probably tired of reading about it.  I just can't believe Newtown is going to fade, like Columbine, and Virginia Tech.  Maybe next time it will be a preschool and we'll finally wake up.


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